Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare was humbled by the high praise he received from the reigning 2017 Miss Pacific Islands Anne Christine Dunn this week.

Miss Solomon Islands Pageant contestants accompanied the Miss South Pacific to the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet this week.

“It is such a privilege and is so encouraging to hear from you [the Prime Minister] and how much you understand about the issues of women in your society,” Ms Dunn said.

Miss Dunn said she is proud to learn that issues relating to women and girls such as challenges between traditional culture and modern society is being very well understood at the top national level.

According to the Prime Minister, it is a challenge for many women and girls in the country to adhere to their traditional cultures thus performing their roles in the modern society.

He further stated that platforms like the MSIP is important because it helps to boost and empower women to drive issues and matters that need their intervention, and also to make way for more women to be influential citizens in our societies.

Speaking on this year’s theme ‘Women in Peace and Harmony with Society’ of the MSIP, Sogavare expressed that another challenge is to have more women taking on leadership roles and it will be the challenge of the contestants to be able to drive the theme.

The Director of the Miss Solomon Islands Pageant (MSIP), Joyce Konofilia also expressed her gratitude to the Prime Minister for his continuous support to the MSIP.


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Caption:L-R: Miss Marisa Fox, Miss Coral Sea and Resort and Casino Vena Lai, Miss Sam Lin Sam Mowisha Angiki, Miss South Pacific Anne Christine Dunn, PM Sogavare, Miss Greimie Ezra, Miss Honiara Hotel Emily Chan, Miss Guadalcanal Gladys Vasuni, and Miss SINU Hephziah Karibule