Day: October 2, 2017

MFMR condemns Dausabea, shows evidence money was deposited into consolidated account, not an ANZ Special Account

  The Management of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources condemned in the strongest terms the allegations levelled against its Permanent Secretary and the Director of Fisheries for alleging the personal misuse of public funds to the amount of $13,185,508.37. As a Ministry that strives to uphold accountability and transparency in all its administrative processes and procedures, the Management wishes to assure the people of Solomon Islands that contrary to the allegations, the Ministry did what was required by the laws of this country. The cheque of $13,185,508.37 was receipted to Ministry of Finance and Treasury on 13...

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PRIVATE VIEW:Where’s our sovereignty?

 By Ta-Etulu Guru  [The views expressed herewith are my own and do not necessarily represent SIG nor any provincial governments, agencies, leaders or people] Re: Where’s our sovereignty? More than a month ago on 14/08/2017 your paper carried an exceptional article by Mr. William Gua under the above title which reminds me of a political ‘monsoon’ that bore similar sentiment more than three (3) decades ago on the eve of Independence and as such, I wish to tread into the ‘No Go’ zone of Mr. Gua’s ideological rhythm in an effort to objectively examine the issues he has bravely pondered...

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RSIPF killed seven crocodiles in West Are’are

Members of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) National Response Department have shot seven crocodiles during an operation in the West Are’ Are area of Malaita Province recently. The operation was conducted at the Kiu and Waitara villages after a report was received of frequent sightings of the crocodiles posing a threat to the communities. Supervising Director of RSIPF’s National Response Department (NRD) Steve Waiwori says, “The shooting of those crocodiles have built the confidence and trust of people in the communities in the RSIPF after RAMSI, who has been carrying out operations to kill the reptiles left...

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RIPEL directors meet with DPM

The Acting Prime Minister Manasseh Maelanga received a courtesy call from the Honiara-Based Directors of Levers Solomon Limited (LSL) and RIPEL today at the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (OPMC). The four directors are: Augustine Rose, Maurice Mae, Oliver Salopuka and John Kapentana. The purpose of their visit was to brief the Acting Prime Minister about updates regarding the LSL/RIPEL standing issues. Spokesperson for the directors, Rose expresses the desire of the people of Lavukal that they like to see the re-investment and re-development in Russell islands. In his response to the visiting directors, Maelanga thanked the...

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Auki police arrest suspect for alleged attack on security guard

Police in Auki, Malaita Province have arrested a male suspect for the alleged attack on a security guard at the provincial capital on Saturday 30th September 2017. It was alleged that the arrested suspect punched the security guard when police were trying to negotiate with the guard to put away a weapon in his possession. It was reported to police that the security guard had earlier asked the arrested suspect and his two friends to turn down or put off the loud music they were playing in their vehicle at the Auki Wharf area. The arrested suspect is believed...

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